Membership plugin Payment Gateway

Hello, I am live in Poland and Pay Pay Gateway is not the best option for payment. Do is possible to integrate “membership Plugin” payment option for example . with woocomerce . or at least visa or MasterCard

2nd question. do is possible integrate with " paid membership pro" plugin to set more members option.

I would like to know before I buy. Sorry for my English, and maybe silly questions "I am not pro :slight_smile: "

Hello @Karol_Szczesny

Thanks for your interest in our membership plugin.

  1. Right now we don’t have any other payment gateway options than PayPal.
    Also, there are number of options for payment gateway online, so we can’t say when we can add other payment gateway.

  2. rtMedia membership plugin itself provide membership levels, so site owner can create number of levels/packages. And as per my understanding “Paid Membership Pro” plugin do the same. Sorry, but integration with that plugins is not clear to me. please explain in details.