Media uploader doesn't upload the files

Hello, so i’m using this code:

global $ultimatemember;
$user_id = um_profile_id();

echo do_shortcode('[rtmedia_uploader context_id="'.$user_id.'"]');

echo do_shortcode('[rtmedia_gallery  global=true media_author="'.$user_id.'"]');


Global variable is ultimate profiles codex basically like wp user id, i’m using it in custom page in profile, the gallery images displays correctly but the uploader whenever i try upload something trough that page file disappears after reaching 100% mark and it does not exist in ftp it simply does not upload what i’m doing wrong? Also have tried research on forums this problem found couple topics but no answer that would help.

Thank you.

Hello @Robert_Labas,

As we already have replied on your premium support ticket, I hope we can continue discussion over there. Closing this topic now.

Thank you.