Media Upload via Ajax


we have a problem with the media upload over Ajax.
We are using this endpoint from your json-api

It worked for us a long time, but since a few weeks we have problems.

Can you please help us?

We used the code in „testcall-jquery-current.txt“ since January 2016. But now we always get an error now, that the title is not set.

So we tried the code in „testcall-jquery-new.txt“. But here we get an incorrect response too, that our title is not set.

We tried a last one call with XHR and build the request as string („testcall-xhr.txt“). This call sends returns a successfull response, but the uploaded picture is empty.

Thank you very muchtestcall-jquery-current.txt (14.2 KB)
testcall-jquery-new.txt (29.3 KB)
testcall-xhr.txt (29.9 KB)

Hello @dabiathlet,

We are looking into the issue. It will be fixed in future release.

Thank you.

Thanks! Can you estimate, when this release will be? Will it take days, weeks, months? Because we can’t publish the Update of the App until it works again.

Hello @dabiathlet,

It won’t take much time. We are planning to release it with the upcoming release within two weeks.

Thank you.

Hi @dabiathlet,

This issue has been fixed. Please update rtMedia to its latest version 4.0.7


Hi Kiran! Tested it and it’s working! But now the parameter “description” is missing. Could you please add this again? Thanks! Mario

Hello @dabiathlet,

We have discussed with the team and we are looking into your query. We will add the description parameter in next release.

Thank you for pointing out this to us.