Media upload not work

I try to add media uploader by shortcode but its not work. Get just weird “0” notification message.

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Can you give me details which shortcode you are using and on which page?

Hi, I answered by email.

Aha, no email support.

Now short codes starts working somehow but uploader doesn’t. So select you file buttons doesn’t react when click.


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Hi @Tuomas,
On which page you are using uploader shortcode? Can you give me shortcode you are using?
The “Upload” button shouldn’t displayed. It is hidden. Please check it with WordPress default theme.

Its worked now when i use uploader “true” instead of before or after. But its there some reason why its doesn’t work when use short code [rtmedia_gallery global=true uploader=before]?

Hi Tuomas,
There seems to be js issue with this parameters in uploader shortcode. It will be resolve in next update of rtMedia. Thanks for bringing this issue to our notice :slight_smile: