Media upload happens, but no files upload

Ok, did a number of testing on file sizes for audio. For some reason when uploading the mp3 it is only uploading up to 1 mb for some odd reason although my settings are on a max of 1024M and shows this in the "drop files here" for Buddypress Media.

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Hey ZigZag

I cannot upload a mp3 within firefox and smartphone but in ie it works, about safari and others i dont now. I think its a java problem search there but found nothing so far. What about the people who make this plugin, perhaps they now about this bug.

@carlo71 The forum restrict plugin has been giving us pain too. As you'd see most of the errors are from there.

@kennypetrowski I'm not sure if this helps:

@ZigZag probably the discussion on the link for kenny works for you, albeit for mp3s.

Hi Saurabh,

I read the information for the link and it didn't apply to me because I'm not using multi-site. I did however come across a few posts of different plugins having the same exact issue which started a few months ago with front-end uploading. Some reported that the problem was due to using referrer validation in the plugin, Flash runtime or the two conflicting if it is being used. Not sure if you have checked this or you are using validation.

I did also try buddypress media on a separate domain on my server which is a new install and got the same exact results and also tried different themes (twenty twelve, bp default, etc.). Uploads are not being uploaded for mp3 or mp4 files. larger than 1MB. The photo files are being uploaded fine.

I would love to get this fixed and have been searching and looking endlessly. Thank you.

@Zigzag: If the uploader area shows that the maximum file size is 1 MB, then one of these values on your server settings is set to 1MB:

  1. post_max_size
  2. upload_max_filesize

since we display the one that is lower out of these.

@Andre The update used to break because screenshots had bloated the plugin. That has been fixed too. The uploader working in IE and not in firefox or smartphone, is kind of an unpleasant surprise (it's usually the other way round). We have tested this again and again with multiple browsers on Linux, Win, Mac, Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows8 on mobile and uploads work just fine.

Could you look at the browser console (press F12) and paste the log after trying the upload?


Sorry for responding so late I had actually spoke on wp. I did figure out the issue had to do with chunk_size within plupload which bp media uses.