Media Updated Hook/Action Request

Hi team,

Looking for an action that fires after a video or a photo has been edited.

1.) Member edits video/photo, clicks Update/Save 2.) Action fires to do stuff

The action I’m writing to use this hook will be very simple – It will check if the person updating the title of the video is the original uploader, if not, we’ll fire wp_mail to tell them that a Moderator has changed the title of the video for them. We get a lot of people who upload pictures/videos without naming them, or they use the wrong attributes, things like that.

Rather than modify the plugin directly, I thought it’d be handier to have an action instead. :slight_smile:



Hello @illusionsglass,

You can use rtmedia_after_update_media hook which fires after every media update. You can check it here:

Let us know of you need any other help or information regarding the hook.

Thank you.