Media tab takes me to bbpress forum profile page

I will for sure Alan. I've posted up the issue onto the bbpress and buddypress sites but no reply as such. Might be worth you also adding a post there in the hope we might get an answer :D

Btw, what theme are you using?

Thanks Mark


I've just resolved this problem. What I had to do was rename the single-user.php file in my template folder to say single-user-old.php. It seems that this bbpress file has a conflict with rtMedia.

Ritesh, it might be worth adding this up on the site as another possible fix for this type of issue.

all the best Mark

Hi Mark,

Glad to know that you had figured it out but I don't think it is a feasible solution as you had changed template name.

Does bbPress single user profile view working fine?

Hi Ritesh,

I don't know tbh. The developer of the theme had suggested the fix which seems to work fine. How could I sell if the single user profile view wasn't working?

I’m having this same issue, and I tried what he suggested, and it worked, the page went away, but it’s not loading the media, now it’s loading the default activity feed. My theme I’m using is Elbee Elgee, PLEASE help, this is maddening that I can’t find the issue. my theme developer also told me it was the y’alls plug in, but I know it’s not, so if you could help, I’d be MORE then happy to hire you for some customizations I need done.

Hi @wthu @pimark,

Are you still facing this issue or it is resolved?


This perfectly worked for me!