Media tab on Buddypress group has no structure

All the other tabs in my Buddypress group have simple Buddypress styling, I click onto Media and the tabs turn into links row after row, the template used is a full page and basically it’s all a complete mess.

Check what errors you are getting in browser console. The issue might be causing because of other plugins and/or theme. You can check our demo site, there its working fine.

maybe BP1.8?

Nope, BP 1.8 we are using on our demo site, and its working fine, check here

OK, I’ve tried it on my demo, it’s a theme issue, but I have no idea what. This theme was working fine before the last update.

Now, with rtmedia you can use the templates and customize it as per your need and make it compatible with theme. That will help to resolve issues. Refer this

I copied all the contents over to the a file I renamed rtmedia in my themes folder and it does nothing.
Am I supposed to customize my theme to match errrr, my theme?

You need to create a folder in your theme with name rtMedia, then then copy all the files from rtMedia template folder to that folder. Then change those copied file code as per your need. No need to change code in your theme files.

Please feel free to click on the media tab here :

and let me know what you think I should do.

You will have to do neccessary styling in templates and place necessary divs that must be missing in that page.

You know your previous version sat within the template without a problem, upgrading has caused me more work than I really care for.

Really not sure it was an "up"grade.

ps: I love my avatar