Media tab not working


I have been having an ongoing issue (over a month) with the media tab going to a white screen, internal server error, or a 404 error.
I have tried disabling all plugins and then turning them on one by one, getting more memory on my cpanel and server, updating my php and permalinks, and numerous conversations with my hosting company. I do not know what else to do except not use the rtmedia plugin.
What else can I do?


Hi Andrew,
First of all, re-save permalinks. Check rtMedia with WordPress default theme and with other plugins disabled. If that didn’t work, try it on a fresh WordPress setup.


I reinstalled Wordpress and activated buddy press and rtmedia and it is working but very slowly. It took 20 minutes to upload a 34 second video and then a very long time to load to watch. Is it guaranteed that rtmedia pro will work quicker and better? What else should I do to make this work for the long haul?


Hi Andrew,
Please check your server configuration. It doesn’t run this much slow normally. rtMedia-PRO works on hooks and filters available in rtMedia. Also check server error logs. As I said earlier, is this happening with WordPress default theme and with other plugins disabled?