Media Tab is messed up after update


Hey guys

I just updated and my media tab is all crazy looking.

  • For your own profile, upload tab is completely messed up.
  • For your own profile, Photos don't show up, and Albums thumbnail is distorted
  • When viewing someone else's profile, their photos don't show up
  • When viewing someone else's profile, their Album is distorted

Also...if you click on someone's doesn't show their pictures unless you click on Show More...

You can view my site at:

Login with: testuser testuserpw

I am willing to pay a fair price for getting this working properly...this plugin functions almost perfectly.

BTW, sorry for posting on all of your support forums...I'm just not sure which one you guys use. There seems to be like four of them haha :)


This plugin is a mess. I can't upload any pics or vids.


@gollumxcore Let's keep the thread!

@scottd Could you share the URL of the site where this is happening?