Media Tab broken in theme atahualpa tried adding the code to functions.php it still doesnt work

Hi there ive been building my website with atahualpa theme and its finished appart from the media tab in rtmedia, i have read through other posts and tried the fix in functions.php of atahualpa but it does not work as the media tab still displays everything as plain text

this is the fix i have tried as described in these forums,

function rtmedia_main_template_include($template, $new_rt_template) {
return get_page_template();
add_filter(‘rtmedia_main_template_include’, ‘rtmedia_main_template_include’, 20, 2);

i have tried the fix on 2 brand new installs with new databases with atahualpa too, it doesnt work
if you read this post at the bottom someone else said this fix works with atahualpa

but it definitely doesnt for me im using the latest atahualpa theme maybe this is the reason? because i always add code to functions.php without any problems

Ok its been 24 hours nearly and no response, any chance i can get a response please off one of the rtmedia team thx, the reason being a year ago when i first tried rtmedia i had a problem with it clashing with another premium plugin but have finally got the other plugin author to fix the clash, now as i stated a year ago i really want to purchase the pro version of this plugin and the tagging ad on, but before i buy these extras seeing as it is a 200 dollar investment i need to be able to get this working first with my theme to make sure it is worth the purchase, after all rtmedia specifically states please try our plugin before purchasing it, i know you dont respond as quik to none pro users but tbh with you specifically stating what you do about trying it first you should definitely consider offering better and quicker support to those who try it and have problems to nail that sale in the first place!

Hi @bobthebuilder

I’m sorry if you feel that just because you are not rtMedia Pro user you will not get support immediately, I mean you can check your previous support requests.

We have updated the doc for media tab theme issue -> and is working for your theme. Please check and confirm the same.

Hi there, thankyou very much for updating the code, i knew it wasnt an error on my end when adding it and i thought it was a little odd that others using this theme had got it working previously, and thankyou for your response, i am happy you got back to me, you my friends have certainly got yourself a new pro customer for sorting this out, it will be a couple of weeks before i can purchase the upgrade though as i am planning to launch my website in january and need to tie up a few loose ends here and there first before i commit to the payment, as . i am still configuring my dedicated server, can i ask you guys if you would recommend using cloudfare with buddypress or what services do you offer in terms of storage etc? the server i have at the minute has 16gb ram and a Intel®Xeon® E3-1270 v3 4 Cores (HT) x 3.5 GHz with 2 x1tb hardrives, do you have any recommended configuration guides to run buddypress and rtmedia at an optimum level?

Hi @bobthebuilder,

I am glad to know that your issue has been resolved. Your server config seems to very fine. You can check our tutorials for server performance optimization ->