'Media' player on buddypress Profiles design flaw, unable to play

Here’s the deal, when media is added to a buddypress profile, you can navigate to the media tab and view all of the uploads. The thing is, with song uploads, you are unable to press the play button because the annoying grey arrow to go to the next item blocks you from clicking that area where the play button is located. Is there a way to remove the grey button feature to switch what media you are viewing, this completely prevents the functionality of the media upload.

Here is a screenshot to easily understand what is happening: http://postimg.org/image/6uiqczw11/

No ideas? I know smart people are out there. Bump!

bump ): I either want to remove the media tab all together or get a soltution to this. And since I edited to bp-custom.php file to remove the media tab and it still shows, I’m hoping to hear of a solution.