Media - Permanent Change Of Music Label To Say Audio or in my case Podcast

I few months ago i requested this help and got a solution but as your codes keep changing and my theme coding keeps changing the solution no longer works. This code worked well for a while but it no longer works.

global $rtmedia;  
$rtmedia->allowed_types[ 'music' ][ 'label' ] = 'Podcast';  
$rtmedia->allowed_types[ 'music' ][ 'plural_label' ] = 'Podcasts';  

Is there a way to easily change the “music” navigational title label to “podcast”

@linepitch, Please check this document -> You need to define plural label for music tab to Podacasts in wp-config.php file.

define ( 'RTMEDIA_MUSIC_PLURAL_LABEL', 'Podcasts' );

Tried to place: define ( 'RTMEDIA_MUSIC_PLURAL_LABEL', 'Podcasts' ); on several areas on wp-config.php file. there was no do you have any suggestions? PLEASE

@linepitch, I just tried that code in wp-config.php file and is working perfectly fine on my end. Try putting some extra code like echo or var_dump to debug and check whether that reflects or not.