/media page adding something before header, cannot find it in templates

Plugin installed just fine, but there’s some skullduggery going on with the template. I’m using a WPMU DEV template on a fresh, clean WP install with latest BP, no multi site, nothing else going on, pretty basic stuff.

All the /media pages, including the primary media landing page and all subpages, are getting (a) some extra code inserted before the header (see second image) - I’ve spent a couple hours commenting out some different pieces trying to fathom where it’s coming from, I can’t find it. Then (b), maybe related, the subnav then gets thrown out of whack.

The extra text includes some unclosed HTML ( username">username ) and the words "by under " with a bunch of non breaking spaces.

I’m guessing this is simply not playing nicely with standard templating, but if anyone has any thoughts I’d be much obliged.

Correct layout: http://imgur.com/6mYLkdG

Not-so-correct: http://imgur.com/WNGuUhT

Hello @mynameismonkey,

It seems you have overridden rtMedia default templates. Kindly make sure if they are proper. Also, once make sure by checking with any one of WordPress default theme.

Let us know if you still face the issue.