Media not being uploaded

Hello, I have been using this plugin on my website for almost a year, I changed the website this week, and until yesterday everything worked pretty well. Today i made the update the plugin asked for and now my activity upload won’t work. Everything shows up, says its uploading the data, but the archive never make it to the folder and i end up with a broken image in the place of the media.

I’m reverting to some other plugin in the mean time until it’s fixed or someone helps me with a solution.

Edit.: only happens in profile media. Everything works well on group pages.

Hello @lemonaid,

Please once check it by activating WordPress default theme and also by disabling other plugins on your site.

Let us know if the issue still exist.

Thank you.

Hello @lemonaid,

We didn’t hear back from you.

Let us know if the issue still exist or it has been solved.

Thank you.