Media members page problem and like/disklike button

I have a problem with media members page:

This break my theme footer, can you help me?

Another question: I want to change de like/unlike word in fancybox image and replace it with images its possible?

Thanks so much

Hello @Webmaster_Topqueens,

If you have overridden the plugin template then please check if they have added properly. Here is the document which may help you -

To change the like/unlike label, you will need to use below filter:

Filter name : rtmedia_like_label_text

For example :

function rtmedia_custom_update_like_label_text( $label ){
    $label = "new text for like";
    return $label;

Thank you, Pranali

Yes i have /mytheme/rtmedia/ folder, but i delete entire folder an footer is break already. Note: I have Visual Sidebar Editor maybe is incompatibility But i cant resolve this without help.

Thanks for the label change but i want to replace text label by icon.


Hello @Webmaster_Topqueens,

Please once confirm if the issue remains same when you switch to any of the default themes of WordPress.

If the issue is particularly related to your theme then we suggest you contact the respective theme developers.

Unfortunately, there is not any direct option available to replace the text by an icon as of now.

Thank you.