Media lost after upgrade

I am using WP 3.81, bbpress 2.5.3, BP Group Documents 1.5, Buddy Press 1.9.2, and event manager.

After the upgrade to the current release of this plugin, all the media - avatars and all - appear broken. When I download the images to my PC I can see them perfectly. I noticed in WP’s Media Library that the path it is expecting is - in fact it is - and there is no subfolder for wall-posts.

We have 500 users on this site and we are running a photography contest… Is there any way to fix this without asking everyone to re-enter their avatars and photos again?

This is not a WP multi-site installation

This is an update on this problem.

  1. I had to change the site URL to or I would randomly get internal server 500 errors. The DNS record maps to

  2. In Chrome, I viewed the source. The source reads: . With the URL the images are broken. Obviously, part of this URL is specific to the user and the image.

  3. When I manually edit the image URL to suddenly the image is can be viewed.

  4. I tried a plug-in that allows me to "replace" images in the image library but obviously it can't "see" the tumbnail so it can't fix them.

  5. I looked everywhere I could to try to find where is converted to but for the life of me, I can't seem to figure out how you are doing this. I even looked in the database - to no avail.

  6. Images I uploaded today could be viewed, however, since I started trying to fox the problem, they are now broken. I can edit them in Media Library but that doesn't fix them in the pages.

Please help - I can't have all my users re-load images.

Are the broken link appear in activity stream or in user's profile under media tab?


I have attached two screen captures so that you can see what I am seeing.

When I press F12 and go to an image that should be displayed, I see this line of code -


Now, if I manually change to, the image will be displayed. Somehow, in the upgrade, the URL to find the image was changed and I can't for the life of me find where to change the URL so it will work.

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@nyghtfalcon, BuddyPress doesn't generate activity content each time you load the page. It stores all the activity in database. Now, you had changed the site URL that's was causing the issue. Can you revert back and change your site URL to the old one and check again?

You can also check by disabling other plugins and once by disabling rtMedia only.

You can also do search and replace in database as you had changed site URL. Before doing that please take a backup of your database.

Thanks for following up.

The site URL changed because we suddenly began receiving database connectivity errors - error 500 - when we upgraded to 3.8.1. We maintain a mirror of this site - a test bed - an the upgrade to 3.81 was fine.

When this happened, we instantly rolled the URL back to the old one but that didn't seem to help - it just generated Internal Error 500 errors and the site when down.

Do you happen to know which table in the database contains the URL to the images? I will be happy to edit the URLs so this will work. Also, I have heard that the .htaccess can be modified to fix this as well but I have no idea how that would work.

Your help is much appreciated.


On my test site - a direct mirror image of this site - I am not having a single problem.

  1. I went through the entire database looking for references to and wherever I found them - there were 13 - I replaced them with That did not help.

  2. At this point, I can upload a new image and I am told it was successful, but the image is still displayed as broken. However, if I go to the media library, I can edit the image and it will appear just fine.

  3. I have downloaded the entire contents of the rtmedia images folder and checked each and every image. They are all there and not a single image is corrupt.

  4. At this point, I can't even upload an avatar.

  5. Only images inserted using HTML work - with one exception: there is a single image on the activity page that is visible.

I have deleted this plug-in and re-installed it. No good. I am running out of options..... Ideas?


I reloaded WordPress and the media library was back. I added Buddy Press and so on and somewhere along the way, the problem is back. I can still see the images, but when I click on them in the activity page, I get "nothing found" - It was fine till I re-activated this plugin

So, media are showing under media tab and not in BuddyPress activity. Am I right? If so, now you need to manually edit the BuddyPress table data for activity because BuddyPress stores the activity content in table.


Here's what I found:

  1. Essentially, I downloaded the test site to my local drive, then deactivated all the plugins on the production site and then deleted all of Word Press and all the plug-ins - everything except wp-config.php.

  2. I copied the working version I had backed up to my PC up to my server.

  3. I activated all the plugins. At some point, while I was still able to browse the activity page and all the images were still visible in the media library, the photo on my home page was gone. I would get a progress bar that never stopped. Also, when I clicked on an image on the activity page to have it open so I could comment or like it, I got an error message that the image could not be loaded.

  4. I started deactivating all the plugins until only the following were working:

    a. Word Press b. Buddy Press c. bbpress d. rtMedia

  5. I deactivated both bbpress and rtMedia.

  6. I activated rtMedia.

  7. I went to the activity page, then clicked on an image, and it opened so I could Like it and comment on it. Now, the problem is that it seems as though the order the plugins are activated has an impact. I activated rtmedia, then installed bbpress clean and not things work.

I am still having other issues. I will keep you posted but I am making progress