Media is not displaying


When I click in the media button in the forum, it doesn’t allow me to view or even post media. it takes me to a forum and I am even unable to upload any new media,

I am using the sweetdate theme and i have checked their forum, even the bp forum, this is my last result. I even have this error when I don’t have any other plugins activated.

Hello @KingDaRon,

By forum we mean bbPress forum. rtMedia does not provide media button in forum. what exactly you are asking?

Thank you.


Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it. I am talking about these tabs.

(will be up for 3 days only)

When you click those tabs, what page does it direct you to?

Images goes to …{/groups/groupname/images} page that it is supposed to be on. It has an “add new” button. When I click on the button then it goes to {groups/groupname//forum/#whats-new-content} It goes to a page where I can create a new topic.

Videos does the same thing but /videos page

Media goes to a 404 page same path but /videos.

Members goes to all of the members on the site

If I create a media page then it isn’t group specific, it is available like a regular page.


Can you please try by re-saving permalink structure? If still problem persist, please check if rtMedia’s templates added in your current theme or not



I don’t quite know what you mean by re-saving permalink structure. Can you please explain?

When I followed the instructions from the link that you sent, it actually made an error on my template when I go to edit the images or the media. So that wouldn’t work for me.

It sounds like it could be the permalink structure because the members tab and the media tab seem to not go to the right places.

Hello @KingDaRon,

Can you share your admin login details of your site, so that we can help you with this issue?

You can make private reply here.

Thank you.

Okay but should I disable all of my plugins first because I am working on a few things, or do you want to do it?


Oh, I don’t see a private button, is it automatic?

Hello @KingDaRon,

Yes, it would be helpful if you disable other plugins.

I am sending you a private message regarding the same, you can reply over there.

Thank you.


When I started to disable my plugins it actually started working the right way for some strange reason. Let me try to do some more trouble shooting and see what the conflicting plugin is. I greatly appreciate your help. I will reply when I find out what happened just in case someone else has the same issue.

Thanks so much.

Please don’t disable the Buddypress, and is active now, except for the rtmedia. I had everything active until I reached the Parallax Gravity Lite - Landing Page Builder and then nextgen gallery…these bring up errors. When I activated the Parallax Gravity Lite - Landing Page Builder that is when the error occurred…now there is still an error after disabling everything starting all over again.

Hello @KingDaRon,

We have posted private reply to you.

Thank you.

Seems that the issue is with my NextGen Gallery, it looks like I can’t use this with my setup.

Thanks for all of your help.

Hello @KingDaRon,

You are welcome !