Media Gallery page displays only logged in BP user media


Hello. I can see you have a similar post but I’m not certain what your answer for this was.
I created a page called Media.
I placed various shortcodes in the page as suggested in the documentation without success.
Only the logged in user can see any files.
I have two users, and two types of files uploaded, several photos from admin, and an mp3 from a test user. Test user sees only his mp3. admin sees only his photos. All uploads are public. Non-logged in useers see nothing.
This is the first shortcode I used.
[rtmedia_gallery global=“true” media_type=“all” media_author=“1”]
After I get this correct, I would create separate pages for each media type.
Can you please explain what I have done wrong?
BP and bbPress all latest versions


Sorry, here’s a link to the site and page.


Hi gord.parrott,

Apologies for the late reply. The shortcode you are using is fine. I tested the same at our end and everything is working fine. The shortcode displayed same result for the Admin, testuser and even non-loggedin user. Galleries with global=‘true’ should show the public medias if there are public media that satisfy the attributes of the gallery shortcode.