Media gallery load more

I am currently having a new issue with the media page in buddypress groups. the load more button or if switched to pagination will due nothing but display the spinning gif. I am not logging any php errors so i am stumped. I am using rtMedia 3.7.31 and buddypress 2.2.

Hi David,

I just checked with the same versions of rtMedia and BuddyPress, but Load More was working fine. Please update to the latest version of rtMedia: 3.7.32 and check if you still face that issue.

Yea last night I installed 3.7.32 and still having the issue. after 3.7.32 test I even removed all images and album and recreated once more and uploaded the images with still same issue. I am not sure at the moment whats causing the issue as I have not changed anything to cause this that I am aware of.

by the way if I manually type in the address hxxps:// for the next page in the address bar it will load the said page 2 ect…

Please check it with WordPress default theme and with other plugins disabled. It might be a theme issue or a plugin conflict. If you are still facing this issue then let us know your site’s admin login credentials, so that we can debug the issue.

You can make private reply here.Looking forward to hear from you.

ok I have made some head way. It only looks like I have the issue when a user is looking at their own media. If said user hits the load more button for photos in the media page it just hangs, but you can go to another users media page and hit the button and the photos load as they should. I have tested this with two other accounts with same issue.

Is their some query i can run on my database to correct any issues with rtmedia. like recount and fix all user media? I have 2 users that some how are not working correctly. I have created 2 new users and all works fine till i delete the old users and let wp assign the users old data to the new user and then the problem is their once again.

Hello David,

Have you checked the same with standard WordPress themes like twentyfifteen , twentyfourteen and plugins other than BuddyPress, rtMedia disabled? If you still face the same problem , then you can share your login credentials as a private reply here and we’ll check on our end.

sumeetsarna, I appreciate your patience’s and assistance. I found my issue and it was with ithemes security plugin. I narrowed it down to the option “Long URL Strings - Filter Long URL Strings” once I disabled that option i was able to re enable the plugin with no adverse affects to the media pages of the site. Thanks David

You are welcome. Glad to know you figured it out.