Media-gallery-item.php is slowing down my entire site



I was working on speeding up my site as it was running slow and noticed that the media-gallery-item.php file was loading on every single page of my site and delayed the load by at least 1.34 secondsā€¦ I checked this ( support topic as they were having the same issue, but there was no resolution :frowning:

Can this file be deleted or is there a way to speed up the process or edit the code to only call when necessary??

Please help,
Thank you,


@nicholaus1221 - We are looking into this and will update you soon.


Hi Joshua,

Thanks! Look forward to the update!


@nicholaus1221 - You can track your issue here ->


@nicholaus1221, this issue has been fixed in the latest release of rtMedia v3.2.12. Please update rtMedia and let us know regarding the issue.