Media does not display on recent posts,categories & sitewide activity

I have searched for a solution for this problem to no avail
Some of the solutions that worked for some people include:

  1. Unchecking the Search Engine Visibility button: that is
    Dashboard > settings >Reading
  2. Unchecking the Activity auto-refresh or update automatically button: that is
    Dashboard>settings> budddypress>options
  3. Deactivating all plugins
    This are the major successes I have found but none worked for me! Most of the discussions go private and thus don’t post the solutions.
    Kindly provide any solution(s) that you may have, your assistance will be highly appreciated!

Do all these posts have a featured image assigned?

Im pretty sure that ‘Hello world!’ post has none, since its the default post of WP database, however, I can see a post that is displaying its featured image with no issues at all (on the right column, the one you checked)

Hello ggloveswp

Thanks for your response highly appreciate,

Got my mistake i dint insert the featured image!

Best Regards