'Media' Button not taking you to the uploads, just refreshes current page

Under each buddypress profile there is a media button to take you to that users uploaded sounds. I, for a while, deleted this option from appearing by adding this line of code into my bp-custom.php folder: $bp->bp_nav[‘media’] = false;

I have since removed that line of code but now the button does not take me to the users sounds, it just takes me to that users profile page (the default buddypress page).

I have renamed ‘Media’ to ‘Uploaded Sounds’ this is the button that does not work. Example: http://www.chuneplay.com/members/deklein/

I have also installed plugins since then but I doubt a plugin is causing a problem.

Is there a way to manually implement code that forces the button to start working again and take you to the users profile/media/ ? I have confirmed that the sounds page does exist and it is working, but the button to get there under the buddypress profile tabs is not taking you there. Proof the ‘media’ page does exist: http://www.chuneplay.com/members/deklein/media/

bump cause this is so important to my site!

For right now then I am going to uninstall rtMedia and try out the plugin MediaPress and see if I can resolve the issue by switching plugins.

Hi @deklein

I just checked the URL you gave http://www.chuneplay.com/members/deklein/ and the media link is working fine. How you manage to solve it? Let us know if you face any other issue.


I managed to solve it by:

  1. Ddeactivating and deleting rtMedia
  2. Doing a fresh install
  3. Clearing my bp-custom.php file and saving it cleared.
  4. re-doing my bp-custom.php file and saving it.
  5. Reset the rtmedia settings I had before
  6. Viola!

Only thing is i forgot to make a backup of my bp-custom.php now my tabs are out of order and I cannot remember the correct code that will put them all back into place. Haha hopefully it will come to me soon.

Question, do you guys plan on being able to add images or thumbnails for audio file uploads? that would be a GREAT feature to customize the uploads