Maximum Sub-Folder Limit

Im using rtMedia to allow users to upload media to their profiles.

As I have a lot of users with a lot of images, Im starting to hit limits within the unix system.

Which is to say, that my system is not allowing my to create any move sub-folders for my users.

Has anyone come across this before?

Hi @domokun,

Which filesystem you have in your unix system? Limit of creating sub-folders depends in filesystem.

The file system we are using is ext.3 but I’ve just attatched a storage volume using an XFS filesystem which should be more flexible.

From the front end we don’t have an issue with member registration as even with an ext3 filesystem we would need to exceed 32k users a month to run into problems.

The real issue we have at the moment is installing a pre-existing member database of 100k members in one go. As all the images get stored in one folder – and each member gets a file each for storing photos. How can we import these members without running into the maximum folder issues?

Hi @domokun,

Please check this link ->

In ext3 filesystem you can create max 31998 subdirectories only. I suggest you to upgrade file system to ext4. You can cross check this limit here ->