Massive error logs

Yesterday my error log was nearly 60MB. Today its already over 100MB.

Do you have any guides about reading error logs or suggest any sources? I did a quick glance and couldn’t find any actual errors like “can’t load __” or similar. Just seems like lots of details but no actual errors.

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Hello @peter1

Can you give me which log file did you talking about? Also give us a absolute path of that file.

Hi Miteshshah,

Thanks for looking in to this…

This one is 370MB!

Hello @peter1

Did you enable EasyEngine debug? If yes you can disable it using following command

ee debug --stop

If no then give us server access or mail your log file contents at [email protected]

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Aha! Yes, I think that’s the issue. Had turned that off a while back and forgot to turn it off, not knowing the ramifications.

Thanks for your help!