Masonary Album View Setting



I like the masonry view feature but would like to have the Album Titles always showing instead of only when mouse hover. Mouse hover activated title is fine for the photos but in the Albums section I would like the title overlay always active because sometimes the feature image doesn’t let the user know what the album contains.

Thanks Ray


Hi Ray,

We are not showing title purposely. During development of masonry feature, we were showing title and was creating layout issues and that’s why removed title in masonry view. I hope you understand.


That’s too bad. I use a plugin called Justified Image Grid on another site and it does a nice job of this. -
Maybe in the future you can look at doing something similar with rtMedia.

Thanks for your hard work and support

Cheers Ray

PS. attached is a screenshot of JIG on my other site

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Hi Ray,

Ok I checked the screen shot, I thought you want title below the album image. Yes, of course you can show title by default, you just need to add following CSS in your theme or in Custom CSS box in rtMedia admin settings and will work like a charm.

.rtmedia-album-list.masonry .rtmedia-item-title{  


Yes! that’s the look I would like Ritesh, except this CSS puts titles on Album covers and photos. I want it to only show that way on Album Covers in the Album List area. On regular photos inside the album I would like the default look of no title unless mouse hover.

Is that possible?

Thanks Ray


Hi Ray,

That’s strange. I specifically wrote that CSS for album gallery only. It will apply to album gallery and not other media gallery.


Very sorry Ritesh it appears I made a mistake in copying your code and left out the word “album” so had:

.rtmedia-list.masonry .rtmedia-item-title{

Works now with the correct CSS.

Thanks, Ray