Many questions

i love it…god…thank a such to easyengine team…its great…so fast so breezy panel i used alot panel before i met this one… my rank panel 1st place is EASYENGINE dont ask me why…lol 2nd vestacp…cant handle WPMU in subdomain… 3th cwp…nice but apache based…sorry 4th kloxo-mr full feature but im just a bloger…just need bout WP nothing else 5th serverpilot…great…BUT ITS PAID…

my questions… 1.ssl error after i added to my site…it worked but i couldnt get in to pages who still run on HTTP link…how to slove this problem??? 2.installed WPMU with fastcgi…but why W3TC added in to my WP?? FASTCGI uses w3tc as helper??? 3. why letsenscript on easyengin doesnt support wild card subdomain???i used CENTOS WEB PANEL BEFORE…it worked for my subdomain site…

  1. Once you have https on your site why the hell would you want http at the same time? It is not a problem that EE forces all pages to https on https sites.
  2. Yes, W3TC is used for object and database caching. I don’t use WPMU sites (EE does not support Let’s Encrypt for WPMU subdomain or domain mapping instals; also I hate to put all eggs in same basket), therefore I prefer wp-redis over any other caching engine.
  3. I didn’t know LE support wildcard subdomains. Anyway, current EE version is kinda stalled while developers work on a brand new version. Take a look at the forum history, there are a few threads about EE development.
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