Many Problems with plugin


I just installed this plugin on the most recent buddypress release with theme Blogsmu on WPMU. The plugin adds a media link to Nav bar, but adds nothing to profiles. Additionally, it displays photos in the gallery but does not link to single.php where it shows larger version of picture and can be commented. Please help.


I figured out how to link the thumbnails to the single.php page for commenting, but there is supposed to be a link on the profile page for user media isnt there? also, is the uploaded pic supposed to enter the activity stream?


Hi Fashionsblogs,

Commenting on Media is already there and working on single.php.
And yeah, we will be including “inserting uploaded pic in activity” in the next version.

Thanks for suggestion :slight_smile:


Hi fashionblogs/jerry mckinish,

I have checked on your site and I can see WP 3.0 is there. I have already posted answer regarding support for WP 3.0 . We will report you once we release code with WP3.0 Compatibility. 


Where did you post answer to wp 3.0?  Is it something I can resolve or should I remove plugin til newer version is released?


hi fashionsblogs!

how you fix the single.php?

when i click on my thumbnnail it calling
but remains on the same page of thumbnail…

please help Thanks!


Hello folks,

All the bugs and issues has been resolved so kindly check new version available here.


For some reason single.php isnt linking correctly again. Where am I supposed to tell the plugin where my single.php page is?