Many niggly things wrong after update

After updating and migrating I experienced many “small” problem I’ll just list em.

  1. no counters on media any longer
  2. ajax not “loading more” images, just opens new page
  3. since the templating change it’s messed ui up(not a big deal)
  4. thumbnail images, it appears the thumbnails have “gone”? since moving the images? (currently using regen thumbnails plugin to see if it fixes the issue)

despite this the comments being fixed is awesome they were leading to 404’s before!


  1. We have removed the media counter. But we are thinking to add it again, not sure now, but someday later.
  2. For load more, you can create your own by adding custom domain in rtMedia templates which you can use under the current theme of your site. For more details refer (
  3. You need to write your code for the templates to get your required UI.
  4. Regenerate thumbnail plugin will fix the issues. Make sure to select proper sizes in rtMedia setting section.