Managing OS, software, security updates?

I am trying to move away from control panels like ServerPoilot and RunCloud with EasyEngine being my current transition to a CLI setup.

I’m trying to figure out how I should be handling updates. Naturally, I will apply the WordPress updates manually, but is there anything in EasyEngine that keep Ubuntu update, or that automatically applies security updates. Or what about updates to things like PHP or Redis, NGINX, etc?

Are these things that I will need to go into Putty and do an apt-get upgrade to make sure my stuff is up to date, or is there some kind of “ee update” command that does all of that for me?

apt update
ee stack upgrade --all
apt dist-upgrade

The three commands above should do the heavy work for you.

It’s always interesting to let EE update its stuff prior to the dist-upgrade in order to avoid the package manager to mess with EE configuration files (for PHP and MariaDB, for instance).

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ee stack update --all

that just gave me errors. but the command

ee update seems to have worked to at least attempt to update EasyEngine

That’s because I’m getting senile too early.

The correct command is ee stack upgrade --all.


that worked perfectly! thanks a ton