Manage WordPress sites on cloud through ip with an unregistered domain

Hello easyengine experts,
Is it possible to manage and test (for a development phase not live) WordPress sites on DigitalOcean cloud through Server IP with an unregistered domain.

It works perfectly on a local Linux system edit the host file with a dummy non purchased domain.
But how to make it possible with a live cloud server ?

When i add a purchased domain on DigitalOcean cloud and NS record to the domain,
then i create the site with the same domain and it works perfectly through the domain name on the browser.

But when i create a site on cloud server with a random domain name (not purchased domain), i don’t understand how i would open the site on browser.

Example scenario:
Domain name: (not purchased)
Cloud server ip:
ee site create –wp

I edit the host file –
So after that how to open and enter to the WordPress dashboard of or or what?


It is possible, but your issue has nothing to do with EasyEngine or DigitalOcean.

Opening threads over and over won’t help you, unfortunately.

can you please help me if i ll give you the digitalocean droplet ssh access ! i have installed EE and stack.

i just need to create a dummy wordpress site with any domain-name and let it access it through browser.

please help.

I can’t, because there is nothing to do at DigitalOcean.

You must ask for help from your Internet access provider, or someone who can configure a proxy or an SSH tunnel for you (since you seem you’re not able to do it by yourself).

Sorry but, as I said several times before, I can’t help farther than this.

The anwers and way forward are all in your original post:-

You have to modify YOUR PC HOSTS file AND SERVER HOSTS file. First is for your browser, second is for site self referencing