MailPile is in Beta will rtCamp consider adding this front end?

As the title says, MailPile, an impressive looking mail front end, is in beta. I mentioned during the development of EasyEngine 2.1 that adding this front end would be desirable.

I have an email server set up using the settings that rtCamp have setup and I must say it was very easy to set up however the MailPile interface is much prettier than RoundCubes and much more familiar to those who know Gmail.

Are they aren thoughts on integrating this or would the product have to come out of Beta before this is even considered?

Mailpile looks good but our priorities are more wordpress-oriented. I am sorry to say this but we really need some WordPress stuff done soon.

We as an organization use Google Apps ourself. We added mail feature only because of community demand and also for reason that Google Apps no longer have a free version.

We will leave this feature for pull-request which can include:

  1. Somebody can create mailpile.* style nginx config as we did for webmail.*.
  2. ee stack install mail command code can install mailpile and related dependencies.
  3. Configure mailpile so it will work out of the box for postfix users created from vimbadmin

As you have already used mailpile, you may share any config/steps at -

Thank you for your response.

I appreciate that you’re very busy and have to make money somewhere down the line. I am very grateful for all of the things that rtCamp offer, unbelievably all of the things that I need are free!

I haven’t installed MailPile nor do I have any experience with it. I have been following at as in interested observer during its development and thought that it would be really cool to have this front end on my mail server.

I have don’t think I’m brave enough to install it on my own server as I would not like to risk spoiling anything that is already running.

Hi @magichew

Thanks for your suggestion. I hope you have settled for an option that suits you.

I am closing this support topic for now. Feel free to create a new support topic if you have any queries further. :slight_smile: