Mail Server Solution on Ubunto


This is Mohan and i am new to this Community.

I am trying to configure a email solutions like above link.

I need to send emails using php web application vis SMTP mail server. for this i need own email server.

need to send emails “via” some domain name. ( )

For this kindly share the help documents so that i will configure it myself on my cloud server.

Regards, Mohan


Hi Rahul,

I have seen your posts its very useful answers.

You have done a good job.

I have little bit knowledge on mail servers so kindly give me the solutions for my request.

Hi, I have tested mail-in-a-box with easyengine. You can try that like this turtorial:

Hi Friend,

Thanks for your post.

Configured successfully…It’s working fine…

Thanks for your help…

I will get back to you, if any doubts are there…because iam going to use this email server as a relay server.

Regards, Mohan.

@hiepbg @dineshjain2911

Hi Friends, I have configured mailinabox and its working fine through webmail and smtp. but i need solutions like “via” my domain name. kindly check below link for your reference.

anyone can help me for this solutions., as of now i have installed Virtualmin control panel and configure webmin.

My requirement is: I have php application and i need to send email using smtp own mail server. all my data base recipients to receive email from my php application with different from address. so that all recipients receive emails “via” SMTP mail server name only.( like below screenshot instead of use my email server domain name)

I’m not a pro coder, you should contact mail-in-a-box supporter.