Mail packages - spamassassin setup?


When installing the mail packages for av and spam, is there any further setup that is required? It looks like spamassassin is not enabled.


Well that would explain the amount of Spam i get.


This would be worthy of a reply from RTCamp, as I am noticing the same thing - basically, tons of spam getting through, for domains that I moved to a mail server configured with EasyEngine.

Are there any configuration utilities that can be used to inspect or test if clamd and amavis are doing what they are supposed to be doing?

I get the impression that it’s not working as it should.


Thanks for adding your input to this as well. I know its supposed to be a community support only forum but I see a lot of topics closed as “solved” just due to inactivity because some of these questions are best answered by the folks who compiled the stack.

I tried setting this up myself following vanilla tutorials I found online such as digital ocean, etc. but somehow caused a loop and found that while emails from my email client were going through, emails from all of my websites via wp_mail were not. One site in particular was being used for my invoicing system so this directly affected me getting paid for a few weeks =(

Glad I figured it out and reversed what I did until I have time to figure it out but it would be nice to have some clarity from the pros if they are so inclined.


Anyone? Rahul?


Everything I know has been documented already here -

I am sorry but as we use Google Apps for our own email needs, so we can’t help much here.


Thanks @rahul286 I feel like a dope, I think I found everything I needed

For the record, when I looked at the tutorials section, it at first appears to be alphabetically organized and I didn’t see anything regarding mail. If I had just scrolled past the first set of M’s I would have seen it forehead slap

Thanks for your help =)


Thanks Rahul, for responding and pointing us the right way.