Mail, mail and more mail - Hostname and mailserver name on same IP but differ; also hosting many domains

Couple questions

The VPS hostname differs from the mail server name; although they are on the same box and same IP.

So is the machines host name. Mail for main domain is

What to change in postfix / devcot to fix this - without the quick fix of changing the server’s host name – or does vimbadmin handle that part?

If vimbadmin handles it, should the domains go in as apex / naked domain or

Now let’s say we want to host sever wordpress sites all with their own mail for multiple domains in there; does vimbadmin take care of it?

Finally let’s say I don’t want to bother admining email because honestly it is a pain. I want to hand off to gmail apps or zoho - where do I do that, again in a hosting multiple websites / domains scenario.


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SSL is handled by SAN/UCC btw

The hostname is not a problem, you will just have to include it in the spf records for each domains you want to use on it. And the VPS hostname require an A records and also a reverse DNS on the VPS IP. -> VPS IP VPS IP ->

And after that, for each domain -> VPS IP mx ->