Long Load Times


I am using the latest version of both WP and rtMedia. I absolutely love the plugin except it appears that it is one of two plugins causing excessive load times on my website.

Is this a known issue? I went through most of the support forum and did not see anything listed. I’m not sure how to move forward as I definitely want to use this great plugin, but can’t if it is causing performance issues.

I appreciate any advice. :slight_smile:


@perkypixel - Does your site run faster with rtMedia deactivated?

Could you try deactivating the other plugins ( keeping rtMedia and BuddyPress activated ) and checking if you can see a difference in the load times. If that doesn’t make a difference then also try switching to a default theme and check.

If the problem still persists then it could maybe be a server issue too.


How rtMedia came up as a ‘problem plugin’ was by using P3 Plugin Profiler-- I’m not sure how accurate this is as its my first time using it.

For your suggestions I used PageSpeed, Pingdom, and GTMetrix to test performance… possibly overkill, but whatever. :slight_smile:

There was a small difference when I deactivated rtMedia and tested it on all three sites and same with deactivating everything and keeping only BP and rtMedia active, just a small difference.

Tested the theme by switching to twenty-thirteen and no significant change.

Now I’m confused because I deactivated all plugins and tested it and still not much change… this is weird. It’s not your problem if thats the case.


If it helps any, the site is currently sitting on pinellasprep.org/newsite


@perkypixel - Looks like your your website is running on a slow server. If that’s the case, then you should try switching to VPS hosting powered by Nginx.

You can start by renting a $5 VPS from Digital Ocean and then use EasyEngine to help you easily manage a WordPress Nginx site.


Hmm… okay. I’m going to run a few more tests just to be sure and then I will look for alternate hosting.

I appreciate your help! You guys do good work. :slight_smile: