Logo mobile layout make top bar cover content on signed in users


Hi guys,

So I love your theme but we are running into some very interesting little bug on the mobile layout.

My first question would be if it is posible to have the logo change to an icon when its on mobile layout? cuz what happens is that if you use a logo, and you are on the mobile layout, when someone logs in, the name of the person is long enough to hit the logo, and as a result the top bar becomes bigger (two levels) and the content on the page gets blocked.

I feel that if we could specify to change the logo to an icon on mobile layout, then the top bar would have enough room to display the logo and the name of the logged on user on the right and not cause the top bar to grow down and block page content.

thank you for your help in advance,




InspireBook theme has option to change the logo and use title of website. But, don’t have settings to change logo for mobile layout.

Next release of this theme has option for login button at top right corner of the website, as it was problematic for mobile users to login on site.

You can check the demo site here http://demo.rtcamp.com/rtmedia/.




yeah I have the login button and that is fine, but what would be great, (as i am sure i wont be the only one with this problem), is there any way I can add this function?

As of now, if anyone uses a logo that is not super small, they will run into the same problem.




We will think about it to provide options in theme settings. May be we can add it in next version, but can’t give you any assurance.




Yeah I think it would be a great feature to add.

Thank you for the reply,