Localization for tag addon



I just bougth the tag addon and translate it to spanish but after upload the files to the folder and clean cache, the words are still in english.

The names for the archives I used are:

In the folder:


@andres_felipe_lopez_galvez - We are updating the plugin in some time to rectify this. The translation files are pointing to the old version of the plugin. That is why the issue.

Also till then you could translate it to your language here -> http://rtcamp.com/translate/projects/rtmedia/rtmedia-photo-tagging/es/default?filters[status]=untranslated&sort[by]=priority&sort[how]=desc. In that way you would not need to worry about it getting overridden after every update. I have added you as a validator for the Spanish language of rtMedia Photo Tagging.

Check this link out for more info -> http://rtcamp.com/tutorials/buddypress-media-translation/


@andres_felipe_lopez_galvez - We have just released a new version of the plugin. Check for updates and confirm if that resolves your issue.



I updated the plugin, translate the project, download the file and add it to the folder and still doesn’t work. Also download the .po file included in the plugin folder and translate it again and doesn’t worked.

I did this and clean the cache by the way.

Thanks for your time!

P.S.: I attached the files in order You can try by yourself.


Ah, and please add the missing lines for lightbox in order to translate it in the project. There are just two words included and all my users speak just spanish.



@andres_felipe_lopez_galvez - Your .mo filename should be rtm-photo-tagging-es_ES.mo.

Also regarding the translation of the lightbox a ticket has already been opened for it -> http://git.rtcamp.com/rtmedia/rtmedia/issues/46#note_186. This should get resolved in the next release.


Hi and thanks for your quick reply

Now is working excellent! I just have a suggestion, I used that name since the file in the language folder is named rtmedia-photo-tagging.mo and rtmedia-photo-tagging.po. This default file should be called as You told to rename it.

About the lightbox, today's update adds some strings but there are some still missing. Is there any way to post in that ticket the strings missing?

Thanks for your time!


@andres_felipe_lopez_galvez - Yes I noticed regarding the language filename. We will be fixing that in the upcoming release.

Regarding the lightbox strings, you can post the strings that are missing on that ticket.