Loading time, Lightbox

I’m having problems with the loading time. I have tested other plugins and those load very fast and with thumbnails. So it must be some short of mini-bottleneck somewhere. Otherwise it’s one of the best plugins available. I would like if you could check this out on my page, i have some friends that are on my site that have uploaded some images and it takes to much time to load the images in the lightbox. The site is under development and it’s on its final stages.

Can you please check this out?

Can you give me site URL?

http://3dconceptart.com, it’s closed so i need your email to give you access?

Best Regards

My email: ritesh.patel@rtcamp.com

I have sent you an email…

I checked your site. On average it takes 15 seconds to load a single page. In lightbox, image is getting loaded through ajax call. You had set Large image size to the width of 1080px. This much big image will take time to load.

Deactivate other plugins, switch to default WordPress theme and then check whether it works fine or not because your site seems to be heavily loaded.

Yes, i have checked this. It seems that something happened on with the 3.9 update. Everything started to run slow. I’m thinking of a clean install, whipe the database and hopefully this problem will be solved. It loads much faster, with the defeault theme. I’ll take p3 profiler att checks the differences…

Yeah, testing on fresh WordPress setup is nice idea. If it is functioning fine with default theme than it may be theme issue.