Loadbalance for EasyEngine

I’m new using using EasyEngine. the version i’m using right now is the latest version of V4.
it working great. however in my environment i’m setup
1 Server Load balancer
2 Server for Database
2 Server for Webserver
Spaces from Digitalocean to store any files

and EasyEngine now install in 2 Server of Webserver.
i understand the new version will have own db container.
and i’m thinking still want to use my External Database Server (since it’s already tweak with loadbalancer) to store the DB instead using EasyEngine Docker Database.
Kindly share to me what changes should i need to made in this V4 to be able connect using Remote database to my External Database and the files will be store at /spaces/www
Note : I’m using --dbhost= option when install WP, but still not point to the server that i want. and the database is still blank.