Load more button on media page fail

Have a buddypress user / media page… ten thumbnails show, and a load more button. When clicking the load more button, the circle spins, but nothing ever loads / shows. This user has 11 pictures uploaded. Using rtmedia Version 3.6.15 and buddyrpess social theme from wpmudev.

Any ideas why the fail?

Cross check that all the 11 media have context set to profile because in profile media tab it will only show media with context set to profile also check media privacy if all the media.

You can also check by uploading couple of new media.

Thank you for the ideas! I am pretty sure those settings we all good, because I went into the admin / rtmedia settings, and changed the default amount of thumbnails that display from 10 to now 12. Now the user’s 11th picture thumbnail does appear… so I think we will get the same problem if she uploads two more pictures, as that would kick in the ‘load more’ button again.

Any other ideas?
thanks for the help!

Can you check for server error logs? You can also check the response of ajax request for “Load More” button. Also check with other plugins disabled and with WordPress default theme. It might be theme issue or some other plugins having conflict with rtMedia.