Linking images to events by using rtmedia buddypress uploader

Hello guys, I´m trying rtMedia for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress (free version). It integrates very well with buddypress, and even Event Manager plugin. including an uploader in the buddypress profile menu (Multimedia). It is just great. My question is: How can I link my buddypress uploaded images to specific events (Event Manager). I mean, after (or during) an user uploads a media file, how can user to assign that pic or video to an specific event which he attended to ?.

I tried to figure it out with the with uploader shortcode, but I couldnt to have frontend access to the context_id which varies in every event.

Many thanks in advance and congrat for your product


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Gentlemen, Althoung I had no answer, I could do it. Events Manager handles variables that can be inserted in your shortcode.

It is sad I got no answer. I really hope better assistance in premium stuff.

Regards Eduardo

@ed108, Sorry that we didn't answer your query. Actually our office was closed for two days i.e. 12th and 13th March. Anyways, glad to know that you had figured out the solution.