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Thank you for your wonderful plugin. I have 2 things that I don’t know are bugs or something you need to enhance as is.

  1. The web link in the BP groups is wonderful, but the URL stays in the activity entry when it is posted. Is this normal? Shouldn’t the link disappear since the image preview and headline are clickable?

  2. When you post web link, the spinner reacts several seconds after it is inputted. It is very slow to recognize this. It isn’t an issue with bandwidth on the site. How can we speed up this reaction time?

Thank you,


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Hi Justen,

  1. We go through your point and it is valid. We will be removing URL from activity update and only show URL preview and content.

  2. We are looking into it and will make it faster little bit.

This changed will be updated in next release of rtMedia-PRO. Thanks for you suggestions :slight_smile: