Limiting Uploads to One Attribute (Pro)


What method can be used to restrict members from uploading media into more than one attribute? We’re having a big problem with idiots who are clicking all the attributes and getting them wrong, messing things up. :wink:

1.) Restrict to one attribute 2.) Require == one attribute



Hi @illusionsglass,

Sorry to say but there is not any method to do so.

You can restrict adding multiple attribute to a media by adding JavaScript code, which resets all other attributes except the attribute which is selected by your member.

Thank you @pranalipatel – I’m just not a JavaScript guy, and dont know what to write or where to put it. :slight_smile: Could you provide some guidance on this?

Restricting multiple attributes would be a perfect solution on the uploader. I appreciate your help!

Or perhaps, an alternative attribute selector where it was a “dropdown” box instead of multicheckboxes?



Hi @illusionsglass,

Yes, If you want to show attributes in dropdown box instead of checkboxes, you can change it from the attributes admin settings page ->


You can select dropdown which allows single select only.

PERFECT! How long has that functionality been there? I never noticed it before. That’s exactly what we needed, Pranali, you are a super star. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Hi @illusionsglass,

This functionality is available right from the beginning.

I am glad to know that your issue is solved. You are welcome. :smiley: