Limiting requests, excess: 1.012 by zone "one"


I can’t edit a custom post type (called Event) on a website I’ve just built with Easy Engine. I click the “Edit” link under the custom post, and the page starts loading, but never finishes (just blank white page). I’m getting the following error in my site.error.log:

2016/01/12 19:11:58 [error] 6148#0: *68 limiting requests, excess: 1.102 by zone “one”, client:, server:, request: “GET /wp-login.php?loggedout=true HTTP/1.1”, host: “”, referrer: “

The custom post type has probably close to 100 (or more) custom fields in multiple ACF field groups. Is the problem here all the PHP calls to fill the ACF fields? Does this error mean something else?


By any chance is your IP shared with other users? Like a workplace where all machines have same public IP? Also does this happen only on a particular page?


I actually just noticed that all posts/pages go into this infinite loading state, and only one of my custom post types will actually load, so I can edit it. I’m going to comb through my function.php to see if I’ve screwed anything up to cause this.

I also realized the log file does not coincide with the times that the pages/posts won’t load. I’ll report back if I still think it’s an nginx issue after some more investigation.


Fine. By the way limiting requests, excess: error comes when there are more requests to php scripts (non-cached content) from one IP. If this is not attack, it could mean shared public IP or some coding issue flooding bulk ajax requests.