Limit Uploads and Items displayed

Hi, I’d love to know how can I set an Images upload limit, not on size but in quantity, Like Max Upload 25 pics…

Also on the activity stream display, set only 5 Images to Show and then put a Load More Images to avoid loading all of theme at once.


Hi alejandro, Sorry to say but to limit on upload quantity is not possible right now. May be we will add in future.

Yes, you can limit the media to be shown on activity stream. There is an admin setting under rtMedia BuddyPress settings "Number of media items to show in activity stream".

I am also looking for the same solution to set a images upload limit. Would really appreciate such a function!

Hi all,

This has already been planned for in rtMedia-PRO roadmap.

Existing PRO user can track status via

If you are not using rtMedia-PRO yet, you may upgrade by visiting –