Limit uploaded videos by duration and quantity

I want to limit my site members such that they will only be allowed to upload up to 3 videos of up to 3 minutes duration each (to keep my server costs under control). If they want to upload a fourth video, they’ll have to delete one of the 3 videos uploaded earlier.

Would rtMedia allow me to prevent videos from being uploaded if they’re longer than 3 minutes? How about controlling the quantity of videos users can upload. Would rtMedia allow me to configure that?


Limit media in terms of quantity is rtMedia-PRO feature. To limit video uploads in terms of duration, that will require custom code.

If you are not using rtMedia-PRO yet, you may upgrade by visiting –>

Thanks for the response.

Regarding the custom code, could you point me to some documentation that will help me figure out what to code?


You may need to use some 3rd party libraries, I’m not sure about that, which may help to get duration of video before upload it.

rtMedia uses mediaelement js -> See, if you get any help from here.