Limit upload size & max media? Not a dummy question


I would like to limit the upload size of the images a user can upload. I don't want to do this the PHP way, because if I limit it to 4mb max upload, I am also limiting myself to 4mb upload for my own images. I'd like to keep mine at a high number, while limiting the upload only for visitors.

I am a bit surprised not to see this basic check in BP Media, it seems like a very feature rich plugin and has been very, very well developed. Is this a feature in it, but am somehow missing?

Also, I see the "max media" field, and have it at 10, however, I am able to upload 12 images. Is this correct?



We have plans to develop a premium Membership addon that’ll let you control things on a user group or maybe, even down to per user basis. The core plugin will not have such differential quotas.

Second, there is no max media setting. There’s only a Number of Media under Display Settings and that just defines how many media items will load per view/page. So, that doesn’t impose any upload quota, either.

Finally, our focus right now is on redeveloping BuddyPress Media into rtMedia. You could subscribe to our newsletter for updates on the progress, even though I’ll try and update this thread as soon as we reach this milestone.


Great, thanks. Looking forward to rtMedia then. May have to disable the plugin for now if there’s no sort of quota by space or by numbers. :<



Upload file size limit feature is added in rtMedia-PRO 1.1

You can set separate file size limit for photos, vidoes and music files.

If you are using rtMedia-PRO please upgrade in case you are not seeing this feature.

If you are not using PRO yet, you may upgrade from