Limit Amount Of Items Posted To Activity Feed


Do you guys have any plans to be able to limit the amount of items that get posted in the activity update? I did a search on here and didn't find much regarding the issue and checked out Git but didn't see a mention of it in there unless I completely missed it.

Example: User uploads 20 images but you only want 5 to show up in the activity update instead of all 20.

I've tested this out a bit and I'm not sure where the limit it set when you upload photos. As a test I uploaded 18 photos on one site and in the activity update it seemed to limit it to 12 photos with a read more link to the actual single activity URL.

Not sure where the 12 came from though. I thought maybe it would be related to the number of blog posts set to be shown in Settings->Reading but that was set to 10.

I was able to limit the activity to only show 5 items when uploading even if you upload more but I had to modify the plugin itself and I know that isn't the best option considering updates and what not.


@jarret - As of now we don't have such a feature in our roadmap, but we do have a feature of handling multiple images the way Facebook handles it. Am still keeping this topic "under review" just incase we may think of adding such a feature to our roadmap.


Thanks, I sent in a pull request with what I have so far here:

Not sure if that is the proper procedure but hopefully I didn't cross any boundaries :)