Like and Unlike features for media


I have read the doc but i have not understood if the like and the unlike features are available also for the demo version of rtMedia or just for the Pro one. Can someone remove this doubt to me?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Why don’t you just install the free version and find out?

I have already installed the free version but the like button doesn’t work, so i want to understand if it’s because this features is available just for the pro version. Do you know??

Hello @sabirfayssel,

Like and the unlike feature is part of free version only. To debug into your installed version, you can check with WordPress default theme and other plugins disabled.

Thank you.

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Thanks, i took your advice and i found out it was a conflict with another plugin (Json api plugin). I don’t know how to solve it.

Have you any idea about what i can do??

Plugin incompatibilities are a pain in the butt, but they happen. Is this your json api plugin? If so, move on and find a better one. Last updated 2013. Is this your json api plugin? If so, move on and find a better one. Last updated summer 2014.

The best way to fix plugin conflicts, is to ask the author of the plugin to fix their problems with compatibility. It’s hard for customers like us to figure out the incompatibilities. Generally I ask whoever has the “least used of the two plugins” to fix their issues. If the incompatible plugin has, say, 1000 downloads, and the other plugin has, say, 5,000,000 downloads, I’ll ask the guy with 1000 downloads to fix it. :slight_smile: Maybe that’s right or wrong, but it seems to work so far. The little guys should be compatible with the big guys is my way of thinking.

Hope you get it sorted out. rtMedia is, in my opinion, a core plugin for sites that need it, so I’d ask the guys who make the json thingy to fix their plugin so it works with a core plugin like rtMedia. Good luck!

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I have written to the developer of the plugin. I hope in a response from him. Thanks a lot guy.